347 Stroker Kit

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302 to 347 stroker kit

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302 to 347 stroker kit

No matter which way you go, keep in mind that this kit is not balanced. If it hasn't been done already, tear down the whole motor to the bare block, and inspect it for cracks or damaged threads in important areas such as engine mounting pads and bellhousing bolt bosses.

302 to 347 stroker kit

302 to 347 stroker kit

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  1. Summit states that with these pistons, compression checks in at If extra funds permit, a line-hone of the main saddles would be great, and a good cleanup mill of the deck surface isn't a bad idea, neither.

  2. Dynamic balancing of rotating and reciprocating parts means smoothness at all rpm ranges. Mark Jeffrey How do you make power in a reliable street engine?

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