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Video about 18hello:

The closing segment was enjoyable as well, kind of obvious where it was leading, but the Dunne appearance surprised me, so not completely obvious. At the center of Pulumi is a cloud object model, coupled with an evaluation runtime that understands how to take programs written in any language, understand the cloud resources necessary to execute them, and then plan and manage your cloud resources in a robust way. Because I can capture references to other cloud resources, I can create APIs on top of them to make them easier to use in my runtime code.


It takes the AWS best practices for setting up a Virtual Private Cloud, with private subnets and multi-Availability Zone support, and turns it into a few lines of code to provision an entire network: The cloud, it turns out, pervades your architecture and design.



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  1. I hope that this gives you a better idea of the overall platform, approach, and unique strengths. Using Pulumi, you author cloud programs using your favorite language, spanning low-level infrastructure-as-code to highly productive and modern container- and serverless-powered applications.

  2. I hope that this gives you a better idea of the overall platform, approach, and unique strengths.

  3. In Pulumi, I can now write my serverless functions using lambdas in my favorite language, without a single line of YAML:

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